Rules & Etiquette

These seem long!! But most of it is common sense! This is in place to help make your play environment safe and consensual. We’ve tried to think of everything but if we’ve missed anything, let us know!

  • Please respect and adhere to the dress code of black/dark or Fetish wear. This adds to the inclusive ‘experience’ of THI.

  • You are welcome to observe public play/demos, but please respect the players by keeping noise and disruption to a minimum. The club is very large, so if you would like to engage in more noisy, social behaviour, there are plenty of areas you can do this away from play scenes.

  • Please do not attend our events with an expectation of play unless you have pre-arranged plans of course! We do not ‘supply’ Dom/mes or House Dom/mes and the best way for you to progress in the scene is to socialise and get to know people. DM’s will wander around the venue ensuring that all guests are comfortable, that play is safe and consensual and that new members are adhering to rules as well as established members.

  • Please do not enter into a play situation without first being invited.

  • The use of mobile phones and cameras on the premises is prohibited. However, with prior agreement by the management, guests may take personal photographs in a private room where all are consensual. The use of phones, camera phones and cameras in public areas is not allowed by anyone other than the management upon request of all guests in a given vicinity or our nominated photographer Anna Latex on our Photobooth events. If you wish to make a call or text on your phone, please do so outside of the main premises. This rule is in place to protect the privacy of all members attending our events. If you are ever unsure about this rule or would like to take private photos, it is always best to approach the management on the night, so we can facilitate your personal wishes without compromising the wider membership.

  • We ask that you do not chew chewing gum on the premises as it has literally been found everywhere in the past!!!!! People have a disgusting habit of sticking it under the bar or under tables…then someone in leather/rubber/latex comes along and it sticks to their very expensive clothing. The people who have done this have spoilt it for everyone else and so we are placing a ban on chewing gum at all times. We provide mints on the bar for breath freshening if needed.

  •  Illegal drugs are absolutely not allowed anywhere on the Townhouse premises, including the smoking area. We have worked very hard to get licences for our venue and to maintain a good reputation; we will not have this compromised by a selfish individual. Not only is it illegal but it is also dangerous to take drugs around BDSM situations. Anyone caught taking illegal drugs anywhere on the Townhouse premises will be reported to the police immediately and their membership will be removed. Anyone appearing under the influence of drugs or smelling of Marijuana on arrival to Townhouse will not be admitted. We have a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs and we ask all members to report any witness to drug taking. It is for your safety and safety of the wider fetish community that we take this stance.

  • We strongly advise you to use a ‘safe word’ system when playing to communicate boundaries. We do not want to stipulate a club safe word as you are adults and many of you have your own preferences, so please ensure that you agree what your safe word is prior to play. Many people like to use a traffic light system, but this is entirely up to you.

  • Please respect the confidentiality of your fellow kinksters. We have a policy of ‘What goes on in the club, stays in the club’. If you meet people in the club who you are also acquainted with in the ‘outside world’ then keep your knowledge of their extracurricular activities to yourself.

  •  Please do not handle other guests equipment and personal belongings without asking first. Some people are very particular about their equipment/toys and would take offence if you did so.

  • All rooms have handroll, wipes and bins in them for you to use. Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided and if you make a mess of an area, i.e. when sploshing or when using wax, please inform a member of staff straight away so we can clean the room ready for further use by other members. However, if you think you will be using wax, we do have plastic sheeting that you can use to avoid wax sticking to equipment. Wax is only permitted in the cellar dungeon. Most regular players carry anti bac spray/wipes with them, but if you would like to borrow some, then please ask across the bar.

  • Please do not touch or engage a sub in any way who has a Dom/me without asking permission from said Dom/me.

  •  Inappropriate touching of any guest without consent is not tolerated and you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

  • Please do not compromise a play situation by standing in close proximity to a play scene…floggers have been known to blind people mid swing when they got in the way!

  •  Please respect the club, it’s decor and furnishings. Please do not abuse it as this costs money which will inevitably have a knock on effect on your entrance fee.

  • Do not ever feel obliged to participate in anything you are not comfortable with. You are responsible for your own wellbeing. Only adults are admitted to the club, therefore, as an adult you must look after yourself first!

  •  We maintain our equipment regularly to ensure it’s safety but the operation of the equipment is down to you. Please do not attempt to operate equipment unless you feel competent in it’s function and please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff to help you. If you proceed to use equipment without being first instructed by a member of staff on it’s use, then we take no responsibility for injury caused by your lack of responsibility and respect for yourself and play partner.

  • • If you are unsure as to how to address someone, then politely ask! We do not expect you to be a mind reader! Introduce yourself politely and respectfully ask how the person you are speaking to should be addressed. Some people on the scene follow strict ‘old school’ etiquette and may expect to be addressed as Mistress, Master etc… others do not follow strict protocol…find out for yourself, we like people who want to meet, learn and grow!

  •  If you would like to bring your own pieces of apparatus into the venue then you are more than welcome to do so, however you are responsible for it and the use of it for your entire visit. So if people fall over it or hurt themselves on it, the responsibility is yours, not Townhouse. So we advise that only you operate your equipment and do not leave it unattended. We also ask that if it is a large piece of equipment, that it is dismantled and removed from the premises once you have finished using it. We love your inventions and devices though, so please do bring them along! 🙂

  • Please do not walk through closed doors on playrooms. If the door is closed, then the likelihood is that someone is behind it and wants privacy. If you are unsure whether a room is occupied, then approach a member of staff who will check on your behalf. Walking through closed playroom doors is bad manners, disrespectful, pushy and just not nice. You will receive one warning and if it happens again, you will be asked to leave.

  • Pushy behaviour is not tolerated. If someone says ‘No’ to you, then that means ‘No’. Please respect yourself and others by not pushing yourself onto others and trying to convince someone to change their mind! It will get you a ban and a bad reputation!

  • Townhouse is a No Smoking venue and therefore smoking is not permitted anywhere inside of the building. There are smoke detectors throughout the building including the toilets. Please respect this rule and use our large, heated smoking area to the rear of the building.

  • Our building is situated in a commercial area but there are residents living not too far away, so please leave the building quietly and avoid any loud and roudy behaviour to respect the locals

  • Masturbating in doorways and around play scenes is not acceptable unless you have been ordered to do so by a Dom/me of course! 🙂 It’s sleazy and not good form on a BDSM night or swinging night for that matter!

  • Alcohol is served on the premises but you are welcome to bring your own alcohol to enjoy. However we ask for responsible drinking and drunken behaviour will be not be tolerated. The bar staff reserve the right to refuse the provision of alcohol whether it be purchased from us or your own alcohol. We also ask that you leave all of your own soft drinks at home and purchase from the bar.

  • Townhouse is a swingers club which holds fetish events twice a month and hardcore events 3 times a year. Because of this, there may be some swinging members attending on the fetish events who are curious about the scene and would like to learn from those who are more experienced. These members will be informed about behaviour and respecting scenes etc…but I ask for tolerance and understanding towards these fledgling kinksters! 🙂